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Monday, August 30, 2010

What a night

I don't have a picture to post but I just wanted to vent about the evening I just had. It all started this afternoon when I did a little shopping at Wal-mart. I got some cleaning supplies for a long day of cleaning. I brought my cleaning supplies upstairs, emptied my supplies including a bottle of Murphy's Oil Soap for my wood floors. I carelessly placed the oil soap on a ledge upstairs and began cleaning my two upstairs bathrooms. Well... several hours later as I vacuumed upstairs, I knocked the oil soap off the ledge onto my hardwood floors below. The bottle exploded all over the floor and splattered all over our brand new sofa that we bought last week. I panicked because my first thought was that oil would never come out of my upholstery. With tears in my eyes I called my neighbor and friend, Sarah who came over with cleaning supplies of her own and her new steam cleaner. We worked and worked and I am happy to say my sofa is as good as new!! I then had to tend to the huge mess of soap residue on my floor. Luckily I just bought a new mop today so I put it to good use. I just got done mopping the floor three times and I think I'll head downstairs for round four.

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