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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fish and Butt

Yesterday was full of fun and some not so fun surprises.  Mom, Edie, Craig and I got up bright and early so we would have a full day in Seattle.  We had been on the road less than five minutes heading to the light rail station when my car started flashing a "check gauge" light and beeping.  We pulled over and by that time my car was steaming under the hood.  After consulting with his dad, Craig let the car cool off, drove across the street and added coolant to my very thirsty car.  We hit the road thinking everything was fine and headed to the train station.

We were finally in Seattle!! We walked up the stairs from the train station and Edie said "these stairs smell like fish and butt".  Well Edie, you're right, the stairs did have quite the stench.

We took the water taxi from Pier 50 across Elliot Bay to West Seattle where we had lunch and strolled along Alki Beach.  Edie enjoyed walking along the water and searching for just the right rock to bring home to her little brother Isaac.

We headed back to the car after a long day only to find that there was a river of coolant under my car.  Our fun day was interrupted again.  Ok, now it's confirmed, my car has a leaky hose.  We had to call a tow truck, wait an hour and get a ride home from Craig's dad Bill. Thanks Bill!!

Oh well, we still had a great day to say the least.  I'll be sad to see Mom and Edie leave in a few hours.

Mom and Edie
Craig and Edie on the water taxi
Me and Craig on the water taxi with the sun in my eyes, such a flattering picture
I love this picture of cute Edie on Alki Beach
Mom and Edie just before leaving Seattle
This is Edie and Craig just after getting off the light rail and smelling fish and butt

This is how I feel about having car trouble and waiting for a tow truck

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